Setup a menu

Ventcamp supports 2 menu locations:

  1. Main location: usually used for internal “Home”, “About”, “Services”, “Contacts” etc. links for scrolling navigation on the homepage. External links can be added too.
  2. Footer location: extra menu in the footer, usually used for additional links or to duplicate the main menu

To setup a menu:

  1. Navigate to the Appearance > Menus page
  2. Click on “Create a new menu” link
  3. Name the new menu
  4. Create the menu

To show a menu and to add links to it:

  1. Select display locations
  2. Select pages to add
  3. Add them to the menu
  4. Save the menu

Add scrolling links

To add a link into menu which will scroll to a certain section of a page follow this guide.

First, prepare an anchor for the section:

  1. Edit section row
  2. Add an anchor and copy it
  3. Save the row settings
  4. Update page

Create a custom link menu item with the anchor:

  1. Navigate to Appearance > Menus page
  2. Select a menu
  3. Select “Custom Links” menu item types. Add the anchor in URL input, add # symbol at the beginning of it to let a browser know that it’s a section URL. Add section name.
  4. Add new menu item
  5. Save the menu
More info about WordPress menus can be found in the WordPress Menu Guide