By default, Ventcamp is not a multi-lingual platform. It was not designed to support more than one language at a time. However, we have solved this problem and offer you a ready-made solution.

Getting Started

The main requirements for multi-lingual plugins are:

  • Must be Visual Composer-friendly
  • Can translate widgets
  • Can translate customizer fields
  • Can translate ACF fields (the core functionality such as event schedule is built using ACF)

Also, any localization plugin needs to know which text fields are designed to be multilingual. One of the best plugins, in my opinion, is the qTranslate-X. It's free, open-source and provides language switching buttons.

To make qTranslate work with Ventcamp, need to install these plugins:

Core functionality

qTranslate-X - Once activated on your WordPress website, qTranslate X lets you create multiple versions of your content, each using a different language. After you’ve entered the translated versions of your posts, pages, and other areas of your website, your visitors will experience your site in the language defined by their website browser. With qTranslate X you can also add switchers to your site that allow your visitors to manually choose which language is displayed.


You can see the full list of integrations here.

After installing all the necessary plug-ins

After activation of qTranslate-X, it is advisable to add “English” as one of the enabled languages and switch to it, when working with this instructions, otherwise it might be hard to match titles and names of items mentioned here with what you see on your admin screen.

To switch an admin language use the language menu in the top right corner of the admin screen. Admin Language is not switchable through Setting/General page, when plugin is active.

Configuration of qTranslate-X

  1. Open Settings -> Languages configuration page and add/delete/disable any languages you need.
  2. Add the "qTranslate Language Chooser" widget or "Language Switcher" menu item to let your visitors switch the language.
  3. For the new installers, it may be useful to read Startup Guide.

Done! Basic configuration of qTranslate is finished.

Configuration of the ACF qTranslate

The ACF qTranslate plugin enables qTranslate-X functionality for schedule, speakers, sponsors. Activate this plugin through the 'Plugins' (/wp-admin/plugins.php) configuration page in WordPress. On the settings page need to enable two options:

  • "Enable translation for Standard Field Types"
  • "Display language tabs"

qTranslate-X vs. WPML

The plugin really excels when it comes to adding and managing the different language versions of your content — at least compared with the approach taken by WPML. On all the main WordPress admin areas where content is entered, you have the option of clicking on the qTranslate X tabs to switch language and quickly start entering your content.

Overall, the qTranslate X is a good free option if you don’t need the extra features and functionality or access to premium support.