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Startuply FAQ: Video Related Questions

- What are requirements for Startuply?

  • PHP 5.4 and higher. Older versions are not supported
  • At least 96mb of memory (128mb is recommended, otherwise additonal plugins will crash the website).
  • An installed image library - GD or ImageMagick (for thumbnail generation in blog).
  • Writable /cache directory

- I contacted support several days ago and still haven’t gotten a respond! On your ThemeForest page you claim that response time is 12 hours.

Correct. Every support request is being registered in our system and we typically reply within the same day. We also see if the customer read the reply or not. In some cases, our replies left unread, we don't know why - maybe email got into spam folder, or maybe they are ignoring us.

If you haven't received a reply within a day:

  1. Check your spam folder. No message? Proceed to the next step.
  2. Could be holidays or vacation. Wait a couple of days.
  3. Send a reminder.
  4. We'll reply from another mail address.

- I tried to install Startuply, but WordPress shows me "the theme is missing the style.css stylesheet" error. What to do?

The text of the error is misleading. You might be thinking that we are selling incomplete or broken themes. But it simply means that WordPress don't recognize archive as the theme. This could happen by the following reasons:

  • You bought the wrong item. Make sure that you bought Startuply theme, and NOT an HTML template!
  • You are uploading the complete theme package from ThemeForest (All files & Documentation).

The complete package needs to be unpacked first. Then you should have the following files & folders:

  • package/Demodata/ directory with demo data
  • package/Documentation/ documentation files
  • package/Licensing/ license for WordPress and Startuply theme
  • package/PSD/ theme PSD files
  • package/ the main file to install the theme

The is the actual theme file and it needs to be uploaded to the server.

- After latest update of WordPress to 5.0 the visual editor is gone... How to fix this?

Install the plugin called Classic Editor. You can switch editors if need in WP Dashboard > Writing > Default editor for all users.

- Why I can't change the default "Startuply" logo?

Startuply > Theme Options is not the only place to set logotype. Each page can override global settings and have its own logo. Please check page settings (in the bottom of the page) > Logotype.

- Why the theme is showing default "Startuply" logo on mobile?

It's because the logo @2x for retina is not set. The retina image is needed because on the high resolution mobile devices the normal logo looks blurry, they have a higher pixel density. Thus, need to set both logo AND logo @2x for retina (See Startuply Theme Options > General Settings > Logo & Favicon section).

@2x logo image should be twice the size in pixels as normal logo.

- Why when I click on "Edit with WPBakery Page Builder ", the white page overlay with the WPbakery logo loads but the page seems to just stall/freeze?

It's because of the "Content Slider" element, you can remove it or use the backend editor instead ("Edit Page" link in top bar, they have the same functionality). This issue will be fixed in the upcoming versions of Startuply.

- How to remove checkout icon on navbar?

Disable the "Easy Digital Downloads" plugin.

- Why is my WPBakery Page Builder not activated? Should I buy a separate license for this?

No license is needed, because it comes together with theme. We bought it for you.

The only limitations:

  • You can't get updates directly from WPBakery (updates are released together with theme).
  • You don't have access to their online library.
  • You don't have access to their support.

But you can always purchase the standalone plugin from CodeCanyon to receive the added benefits of the individual plugin license and item support. Read more about bundled plugins on Envato Help portal.

- I've entered MailChimp key, but subscription form doesn't work. It says "Failed to process your request."

It means that mail settings are empty or incorrect. Please check your contact form, "Mail" tab. How to properly set up mail explained in depth in the official Contact Form 7 documentation and here.

- I fixed mail settings, but still subscribers are not being added to my MailChimp list!

This is 100% hosting issue. It's either server can't resolve the host (one of the most common problems ever), either fsockopen() can't connect to the host. Make sure that these PHP extensions are loaded: OpenSSL and Socket. Also, these attributes must be enabled in php.ini:

allow_url_fopen = On
allow_url_include = On

Contact your hosting provider or simply install a third-party plugin Contact Form 7 MailChimp Extension.

- How to update Startuply?

Please take a look at our article: How to Update Startuply (3 Ways To Do It).

- I've updated Startuply 2.5 to version 3, why navbar is transparent? I changed the background to white, but it remains transparent.

It's advised to perform Theme Options reset by going to dashboard > Startuply > Theme Options > Restore Defaults. You can also fix it manually, need to only change menu height from "65" to "65px" and same for sticky menu. Make sure that there is "px" at the end.

- Why the 'Revolution Slider' plugin throws a fatal error: "Uncaught Error: [] operator not supported for strings"?

This version of Revolution Slider doesn't work on PHP 7. Update the plugin to the latest version or read here how to fix it. Alternatively, leave the plugin disabled. This is optional plugin, no theme functionality will be affected.

- How to turn navbar link into button?

On "Menus" screen find the "Screen Options" button (in top right corner) > Show advanced menu properties, select "CSS Classes (optional)". Then in link settings, find a newly appeared "CSS Classes (optional)" field and paste "featured" (without quotes).