The usage of background videos is not recommended. Especially, in these two cases:

  1. If most of your sales are coming from mobile.
  2. If you plan to put it on the homepage as introductory video.

Why you shouldn't have an autoplaying homepage video?

Because video increases cognitive load, putting lots of flashing images in the background makes it harder for your brain to locate and choose the relevant links, thus adding a great deal of mental effort to complete an otherwise simple task.

You're probably encouraging users to sit there and watch said video, only permitting them to commit to the CTA after the video is complete. No one is gonna click on the "Get started" until then.

Here's the recommended way of placing introduction videos:

- Why background videos doesn't work on mobile?

On mobile devices, Google and Apple blocks videos from autoplaying, to protect consumers from unwanted cellular data usage and thereby closed the option to have it. In both iOS and Android this also includes preloading video content.

Solution: embed a video player instead (the user will be able to initiate playback) or replace it with image.

- Is there a way to set fallback image for mobile devices?

So far no, but we plan to improve display of background videos in the upcoming versions.

- Why the autoplay functionality doesn't work in Chrome?

It's because of the recent autoplay policy changes. The latest update, version 66, includes autoplay video changes that stop Chrome from automatically playing videos if the sound is on by default.

Also see: Google starts blocking annoying autoplay videos in Chrome.

Solution: Mute the video or replace it with image.

- Is it possible to use .mp4/webm file as background?

Yes, please use Video Background plugin. But we don't recommend hosting your own videos. Here's a good article why.

- The theme is not showing the thumbnail to my YouTube video. How to fix that?

Your video thumbnail is broken. Check it out for yourself:

Paste video URL, click "Get YouTube Thumbnail".

One of the ways to fix broken thumbnail:

  • Open the "Info and Settings" for the video.

  • Select one of the pregenerated thumbnails (one of the 3 broken images).

  • Save Changes

  • Return to your Dashboard

  • Re-open the "Info and Settings" for the video.

  • Re-Upload the custom thumbnail.

  • Save Changes.

It may take a bit to propagate, but it will be fixed (and I've had it take almost no time to propagate so far compared to other thumbnail changes).

- How to comply with GDPR? I want to embed a YouTube Video with the “nocookie”-tag.

1) Create a child theme using Child Theme Creator by Orbisius.
2) Open the file functions.php in newly created folder (the folder is located in wp-content/themes folder)
3) Add this code to the end of file:

* Add "nocookie" To WordPress oEmbeded Youtube Videos
* Answer courtesy of Sergey from Startuply support.
function startuply_youtube_nocookie_oembed( $return ) {
    $return = str_replace( 'youtube', 'youtube-nocookie', $return );
    return $return;
add_filter( 'oembed_dataparse', 'startuply_youtube_nocookie_oembed' );

4) Then you can use the "Video Player" element to paste YouTube videos as you normally do. All of your videos will use nocookie domain.

However, if you plan to use YouTube video from nocookie domain as background video for the row, this function is not implemented yet.