As part of our commitment to providing excellent quality and reliable service, Vivaco has a Fair Usage Policy on its Support Services. The Fair Usage Policy contains usage guidelines for customers using the Startuply Support services to ensure that customers use the service reasonably. We will typically assist customer beyond these guidelines, at our own discretion whenever, and to an extent, we feel is fair and reasonable.

What are the fair usage limits?

Vivaco reserve the right to limit the time our support team spend on email replies with any customer who is deemed to be taking advantage of this service, which is offered to all customers.

Over 10 emails per month will be subject to this policy, as they might be deemed as training rather than support. On average, typical customer send ~1.6 emails for the whole time. We believe that such restrictions encourage customers to value our time and in addition, prevents nitpicking. An unlimited support may be viewed as an opportunity to fix every little thing on the website. While limited amount of questions makes you focus on what's really important.

Why is this policy here?

Some of our clients use the email support as a training tool, talking with our skilled support staff for hours and monopolising the support team’s time – taking away vital support from other customers who pay for the service as well. Individual training can be arranged at the contractual price, these training sessions can be used to interact with the Startuply support team who can spend that dedicate time supporting you through the setup and continued use of your website.

Our support is not intended to be a substitute for WordPress training. We expect that you at least familiar with WordPress, Easy Digital Downloads and other concepts. Creation of the website is a complicated process, which require a lot of knowledge and diligence. Surely, we can advise one solution or another, but it won't replace a full-length course at or Treehouse.

Our Fair Use Policy applies to our email customer support. It's designed so that each and every paying user gets fast and reliable support whenever you use it. While we don’t want to ever stop any customer speaking with a member of the team, we must also provide the same level of service to all of our customers in an equal proportion. Without these controls, excessive use of support by a small number of customers could lead to increases in fees to all.

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