To update the Ventcamp theme follow these steps.

1. If you are not yet authorized in the "Envato Market" plugin using Global OAuth Personal Token, authorize yourself using these actions.

  1. Navigate to the "Envato Market" plugin page in the main menu of the Dashboard.
  2. Follow generate a personal token link to generate your token. Don't edit default permissions in the process. Copy you token.
  3. Paste the token into "Token" field
  4. Save the token
  5. Test API connection. A success message will appear. Now you have access to you Envato products and their updates.

2. Now you can see all your Envato products, including Ventcamp, located in the "Themes" tab.

If there is an update available, the "Update Available" message will appear. Click on the message to start updating.

3. Wait while the theme fully updated, don't navigate outside of the page. The success message will appear after the process in finished.

4. Don't forget to update all required plugins after updating the theme. You can access the Required Plugins page by clicking the "Begin updating plugins" link in the WordPress notice message or by using "Appearance" - "Install Plugins" menu link.

Update all required plugins.